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We are gradually sunsetting our service until May 1st, 2024.

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Scrum Poker Cards

Scrumvee is trackable

Watch your team increases its commitment and how each team member fits in your Scrum environment. Check how the planning time is spent and make some adjustments. You'll always know how a story was estimated!

Trackable Scrum

Scrumvee is accurate

No more faulty estimations on development stories! During the planning meeting, the Scrum Master is the only one who sees the aggregate estimations, while the rest of the team use either the mobile app or a browser to send INDIVIDUAL estimations.

Accurate Scrum

Scrumvee is engaging

Scrumvee's law: No more boring Scrum plannings! The Leaderboard drives team members to give accurate estimations, earning points each time their estimation is selected. Keeping the team focused during these long meetings is paramount!

Engaging Scrum

Scrumvee & Jira

We love Jira as much as you do! And to make it official, we made it easier for you to pull your stories from your already defined JIRA sprints and to sync back the estimations.

No more manual stuff, you're covered by Scrumvee!

Jira integration

Upgrade your SCRUM!

Use a fun, professional and modern software development tool

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