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Why you should ditch logic and use data. Web design case study

This is a story about how we designed a part of the website based on what made sense to us and our test group, and why we failed. It was planned and executed by two long time web developers, so you’ll be able to recognize the analitical, logical mindset. We were designing an interface for […]

Your brain is a dog, and you can train it

Your brain on four paws This is a technique I developed when I was working on a cool personal project (mobile app) I was excited about, but wasn’t getting anywhere fast because of the, you know, job. Long work days meant not only I was wasted when I got home, but also that when the weekend […]

Why you should start a startup tomorrow.
Explained with puppies

Disclaimer: This is written by a developer, for developers. And maybe dog lovers. Building your own startup from the ground up is a journey, an adventure dare I say. It’s something that changes you, makes you better and worse, gives you excitement and disappointment, it’s a whole different experience than your day to day job, […]

7 reasons why your startup will fail

Reason #1: no focus You don’t think about a product, you think about a set of features. Sure, that feature is nice, and I know you have a new and cool idea, but you are failing because people want a product they can use and enjoy, not randomly collected features. You must have a set of […]