We spent a lot of time making Scrumvee as easy to use as possible, and a whole lot more making it as fast as possible, so receiving the Great user experience award from the popular B2B software platform FinancesOnline.com is a well deserved reward.

According to the nice guys there:

Scrumvee is the most comprehensive Scrum Poker estimation solution that gives software developers complete control over their Scrum plannings via a mobile app and an accessible browser platform that is easily accessible and helps put everyone on the same page.

and it makes us happy to read such an opinion because it was also one of our goals to make Scrumvee have all the important features a scrum poker app needs.

It also seems one of the differentiating features of our platform caught their eye:

Scrumvee is all about accurate estimations sans the boring Scrum plannings. It has a leaderboard for everyone to see, empowering developers to become more engaged and provide accurate estimations. Whenever their estimation is chosen, your developers get rewarded with points. This gamification element helps keep the team on track during long and usually boring meetings.

We think that empowering the natural¬†competitivity of people is a great way to make anything more efficient and more engaging at the same time, making it a win win situation. Gamification is being tried in many various fields lately, because it simply works, it’s in our nature to try to be better than the next guy.

Last but not least, they noticed one of our key features:

Developers love to work with JIRA and Scrumvee integrates with JIRA effortlessly. You can pull your stories from your already defined JIRA sprints and sync back the estimations. You never have to do anything manually again. Scrumvee covers all the bases for you.

At the moment of writing, we are the only scrum poker application that offers JIRA integration for free, so we think it is something noticeable indeed.

If you have a different opinion or would like to help us get more visibility, please leave us a review.

Thank you FinancesOnline for the nice words, we’re getting back to work now!

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