Are you familiar with the current Scrumvee homepage?

We like it a lot, but we decided we should each take our own path. Being all paralax-y and using a big image we had a few issues with how it was loading, and we also felt it’s time for something new on the landing page. May the CSS be with you old pal!

So it was time to look for a new replacement. I put the researcher glasses on and after browsing too many pages about what makes a homepage successful this is what I found:

1. You should have a call to action. Big, shiny, and attractive. Our call to action was: “Please, oh please make an account” so we went a step further and just placed the sign up form right there on the homepage. Scratch call to action, there’s the action right there:

2. Images increase conversions. I got the feeling this was referring to cat images but apparently not. The internet says you should have a big image to get big conversions so here it is our big something:

3. I have a tendency to ditch the rules and make my own thing. How else would you discover new things, right?

You might have noticed we have 3 homepage designs but only one homepage. It’s not my multiple personality disorder kicking in, but rather the materialization of our decision to not decide which design is the best. So we’ll let Google experiments handle the fight between these 3 and the old guy. Who’ll win? To be continued…

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