Year Month Details
2022FebLeaderboard can be turned off from team settings
2020NovFull support for emojis in your team name, story name and... your name 😄
OctExport planning session to CSV file
OctEstimations visibility for admins can be controlled with a toggle
OctNew subscription plans: free and paid subscriptions now available
OctLeave team: users can leave a team from the browser version or the mobile apps
JanSocial login: join Scrumvee with your Apple account
2019NovObserver mode: an observer can see estimations as soon as the team members send them
NovPre-saved stories list is persisted and can be used from multiple devices
OctImproved Jira integration
JunEstimated and closed stories can now be restarted
JunCustom card sets: create the card set suitable for your team
JunPresenter mode: planning screen can be shared on a second display with hidden estimations
2018DecPre-saved stories list: enter your planning stories beforehand (not compatible with Jira integration)
OctiOS mobile app and Android v2 app
OctEstimation Confidence Level: a metric that records how good (or poor) is the understanding of the story requirements
OctGuided tours: go through the process of creating and configuring a team or a planning
2017NovSocial login: join Scrumvee with your Google and Facebook accounts
NovMultiple card sets: besides the Fibonacci set, two other sets are available (Power Of Two & T-Shirt)
AugJira integration: fetch your stories from a Jira Sprint and push back the estimations from Scrumvee
JanFollow-up email tips: a series of how-tos that provide new users guidance on navigating Scrumvee
2016DecLive support widget
NovScrumvee goes out of Beta
OctLeaderboard: engage team members in the planning process
OctTeam invite: add team members more easily
FebQuick meeting feature: start a planning with 1-click
FebEstimation widget: have a widget floating on every screen for easy access to estimations
2015NovTeam performance charts
NovRe-branding to Scrumvee
JulAllow multiple team admins
JulMeeting statistics: total estimation, average estimation, stories, second stories
JulPush notification for Android
JulInitial commit

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