Track, compare, have fun!

Better estimations

Each developer selects the Scrum estimation from its own smartphone, without interfering and potentially affecting other team members.

As a side bonus, our app even allows remote team members to join the Scrum planning process.

Scrum estimations

Centralized view

The scrum master can easily see all the estimations.

Starting a new estimation round, restarting one or choosing the winning estimation card are just one click away.

All rounds, estimations and meetings are saved for posterity. This means you can get all the stats you need.

Centralized view

Team player

You have a built-in team chat, plus access to all your team members contact info (only if they choose to share it).

Whenever you need to reach a team member, you can do it right from our app. No need to search your agenda when you have all your mates in one place.

Team player

Stats. Stats. Stats.

See how many of your teammates estimated correctly and how often. Easily spot poorly defined stories or team members which are constantly over or under estimating.

Check your average round complexity, your commitment, your estimations consistency.

See how it went. Whenever it went.

Scrum statistics

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