Scrumvee features

Real-time estimations

No more peaking into other's estimations! Users cannot see other's votes, and the scrum master will get individual estimates in real-time.

Tracking & Reporting

Your Scrum sessions are fully trackable, and you can revisit the stats for each planning. Commitment and deviation reports included.

Mobile apps

Receive notifications on your iOS or Android device when a Scrum planning session starts and send your estimations right from the app.

Jira integration

Pull stories from your upcoming Sprint and save back the estimations. No more copy-pasting your stories or forgetting to set the estimation.

Custom cards

We offer standard card sets like Fibonacci, Power of two, and T-Shirt sizes. You can also create your own sets with up to 15 cards.

Up to 50 members per team

Start small and only upgrade your plan when you need to.

Confidence Level

We designed an algorithm that will help you understand the estimation consensus throughout the team and make real-time decisions.

Presenter Mode

Have a second display showing your team what's going on without revealing the estimations.


Observers are allowed to attend a planning session and see the incoming estimations in real-time, but they cannot send in their votes.


Export all the stories estimated during a planning session to a file. Estimation duration and Confidence Level for each story are included.


Engage your team with the Leaderboard: make your planning sessions more attractive and fun.


We offer support via ServiceDesk and e-mail, with a 12h (usually less) response time SLA for our premium plans.

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