Cookie Policy

What are cookies, anyway?

Cookies are files with small amount of data, sent to your browser from a web site and stored on your computer's hard drive.

What cookies do we serve (yummy!)

Although there are many types, here are the ones we currently use:

First party

First party cookies are set on your hard-drive by us, and only our Site can read them. They are not shared with third parties. We use our own baked cookies to: correctly authenticate you as a Service user and provide persistent features for the best service.

Third party

Third party cookies are set by the service providers we're integrating in our Service. We have no control over these cookies. One good example for a third party cookie, used in our Site, is Google Analytics. This service tracks, analyzes and reports the visits of our users on our Site.

Some of the cookies are deleted right after you close your browser, some expire at a set date and time and some are perpetual.

Can you turn off the cookie thing?

Of course! Every browser has a "cookies off" switch, so please refer to your browser settings to turn them off.

Please bear in mind that turning off the cookies will render our Service useless for you, since all our good stuff relies on you, being correctly authenticated.

Want to learn more about cookies? Head over here.

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